I am Doctor Dae Yun Kim Ph.D.. also I am 5th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo Board Certified Master ( Amateur Athletic Union / A. A. U / United State ). And also I am World Wide Travel Adventurer and Global Wide Travel Explorer who Explored and Adventured approximately one hundred countries all over around world.


En español: Arguos es una instancia de Mastodon, que es una red social descentralizada y libre. En pocas palabras una alternativa a Twitter, Facebook y otros. Eres libre de abrir tu cuenta en esta instancia, pero recuerda seguir nuestra normas de conducta.
In english: Arguos is an instance of Mastodon, which is a decentralized and free social network. In few words an alternative to Twitter, Facebook and others. You are free to open your account in this instance, but remember to follow our Code of Conduct.